Taken from the May 2010 Newsletter  - Part A1

Unofficial Report from "the Utah Chapter":   by Chas Moser

Since there is no official outing to report, the following comments relate to an unofficial two-week outing undertaken by several TBSA families, which included Glenda & Robin Baumgart, Christie & Prentice Fish, Vicki & Keith Hepler, Jan & Chas Moser, and Sue & Chuck Skaggs. The outing, in the author's eyes, was truly memorable. Even discounting the breathtaking beauty of the area, the 480 miles of unbelievable trail riding was worth the price of admission. Most of the group had ridden here before but this was Chas' maiden voyage.

The first half of the outing was spent at the San Rafael Swell, Utah where Robin, Keith and Chas did three stupendous rides, including the infamous 'Five Miles of Hell' (actually 8 2 miles of hell!!). The name and reputation of the 'Five miles of Hell' are justified and well deserved. Chas was more than elated after he made it through this ride unassisted and still in one piece, and of relatively sound mind.

For the second half of the outing, the three families met up with the Fishes and the Skaggs in Moab, Utah where all the riders did three wonderful long day rides over some of the most scenic, technical two-track and single-track trail riding that Utah has to offer. We were joined by Arlene & Neil Neilson from Alberta, Canada. Chas recalls a comment from Chuck Skaggs on one of the rides - - - "That was the ride of a lifetime, the absolute best (and most difficult) ride I've ever been on".

Everybody loved the visits to the town of Moab, the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, etc. The casualties that occurred during the two weeks in Utah were only minor and will be mentioned only in passing: several flat tires including a trailer tire, a snapped-off chain guard and a broken handlebar. Enjoy the photos.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Besides the still photos (pictures Swell-09 through Swell-21) of our heroes making their way on the A 5 Miles of Hell@ trail, Chas thought you would enjoy someone else's helmet-cam version of the same area, so go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjTVFsmawOo


UTAH PHOTOS: by Chas Moser, Robin Baumgart and Vicki Hepler

Here are photos from the San Rafael Swell area - - -

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