Taken from the March 2010 Newsletter


Another small turnout with only three rigs showing up, the Heplers, Masons, and Chas.   The weather and ground conditions were just about perfect with mild daytime temperatures in the mid-sixties and fairly moist ground with only occasional spots of dust.

The ride on Friday was a fairly short 23-mile warmup ride which included riding the Sandhills and a trip around Charlie's Place.  Due to the increased moisture, the steep sand hills were a lot of fun and much easier to conquer than in previous outings here.

The historical 72-mile ride on Saturday included skirting the large and mucky Cuddeback Dry Lake, a trip to the infamous Husky Monument, the rocky single-track around Fremont Peak, and many trails and sand washes.  The Husky Monument was first erected in 1987 following the death of 46-year old Jim Ericson riding a Husky 390 which remains at the site.  Currently there are approximately 34 headstones at the site.  The only headstone that we recognized was for Al Baker, Jr.  For some interesting reading, do a Google search on the 'Husky Monument'.  Saturday evening we all went in to Ridgecrest and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at John’s Pizza/Pasta/Ice Cream Buffet.

The 110-mile ride on Sunday was truly epic.  It included a lunch stop at the Burro Schmidt Mine, a beautiful scenic trip through Red Rock Canyon, many of the trails and whoops at Dove Springs and Jawbone Canyon, a long, steep treacherous rocky climb over the Rand Mountains up to the microwave towers above Randsburg, Randsburg, then back to camp.   Do a Google search on 'Burro Schmidt Mine' for some interesting information on this historical site.  Enjoy the photos courtesy Keith, Vicki and Chas.


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