Taken from the December 2009 Newsletter


Chas arrived at the Sugar Pine staging area Friday morning only to find it already jam-packed with RV's and pickups! Parker Flat and the roadside flat spots in between were also completely full! Chas managed to squeeze in next to the Sugar Pine entrance road. By the time he got his trailer set up, what started out as a drizzle turned into full blown rain. He decided to kick back, watch some DVD's and VCR tapes and have lunch. At about 2 PM, after the rain had subsided, there was a knock on the door and there stood Walt Lytle wanting to go for a ride with son Ben. The threesome went out for a nice 16-mile ride on the lower trails where there wasn't too much mud. These trails were in super condition. What a pleasure it is to ride under dustless conditions.

On Saturday, day riders Robin and Ernie joined Ben, Walt and Chas for a fantastic 40-mile ride which included all of Trail 5 including the complete upper loop, etc. Trail 5 has several fairly technical sections. The rocky uphill steps were challenging, especially since they were wet and traction was a problem. Robin and Chas really appreciated the extra traction provided by their Pirelli MT43 trials tires. We were expecting more snow up higher. Portions of Trail 5 were covered with snow, but not enough to be a problem. Everyone got a few laughs observing the various 'mishaps' of their fellow riders - - from the numerous slide-outs on the slippery sections for which Foresthill is notorious, to crashes caused by traversing wet roots at the wrong angle, to tumbling downhill following a misadventure around a large tree across the trail.

On Sunday, with only Chas remaining, Dan Kelley arrived for a day ride. Unfortunately, Chas had to send Dan out on his own as he had suffered a 'jammed thumb' during one of the many mishaps the previous day. Chas is indebted to the Lytles for their hospitality and the fantastic barbecue steak feed Saturday evening. Enjoy the photos.


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