Taken from the November 2009 Newsletter


Six TBSA rigs and three Saturday day riders showed up, for a total of 13 riders. The trail conditions and the weather were just about ideal - very little dust, not too many mud puddles and mid sixties daytime temperatures. TBSA shared Davis Flat with a few other riders as well as with several deer hunters.

Friday's ride of 55 miles with Paul, Bill H., Chas and Scott consisted of two separate rides. The first ride ended with Chas' second unsuccessful experiment to use a competition IRC trials tire. This time he mounted the tire on a spare wheel with the super Nuetech Tubliss system. Even though with this system there is no inner tube to rim pinch (like in the first experiment), the tire suffered a puncture after 24 miles. Unfortunately, due to the extremely thin tire cord, the tried and true tire repair plug did not hold air. On the second ride we had a nice, basically road ride up to the top of Mount Saint John Peak.

Bill T. led the wonderfully diverse 77-mile Saturday ride with Tim, Ernie, Paul, Robin, Bill H., Larry, Chas and Scott attending. Ernie kept Bill T. 'on his toes' for a good part of the ride. Perhaps it was the lunchtime bell ringing in his head that distracted him and led to the following set of circumstances: Chas was the sweep rider and as he approached the 'last' intersection, a large group of riders took off and, of course, Chas dutifully followed them. After the second intersection where nobody waited, Chas finally became suspicious but he eventually ran into them again. While getting ready to tell them that he was not a mind reader, he finally recognized that this was the wrong group of riders! This group, in fact, did have a similar mix of orange and red bikes. So at that point Chas retraced his steps and after perhaps an hour found the TBSA group, or at least three or four of them. When Chas queried about their whereabouts, the response was, "They are out looking for you". After a few minutes of unmerciful ribbing, Chas tried to explain the sequence of events that had occurred. As each rider returned, Chas of course had to explain the whole series of events that had transpired and endure the ribbing all over again. Chas would like to publicly apologize for the (perhaps) uncalled for profanity on his part.

On Sunday, only Larry and Chas stayed to ride. Chas figured that this would be an opportune time to re-explore some of the area north of camp, including Black Diamond and Felkner Ridge. Unfortunately for Larry, the ride turned into 'the ride from hell' for him. On our way to Felkner Ridge, Larry's bike suffered a flat front tire. Not having the proper tire changing tools, Larry limped back to camp on the flat tire, where he he put in a new tube and we had our lunch break. Now rested, fresh and full of vim and vinegar, the two hardy souls departed north again. One of the aims of the ride was to search for the old trail system that TBSA used to take off the top of Felkner Ridge in the old days. The trail to Felkner Ridge, by the way, is a long, steep, rutted almost three-mile climb to the top. Chas made it to the top, rested and waited for Larry. When Larry failed to show up, Chas went back down and found a totally exhausted Larry about half-way up the climb. Both riders struggled for some time attempting to get the bike over the 'rough' spot. When almost over the hump, Larry suddenly noticed that his front tire was flat again!! An exhausted Larry rode the wounded bike back down and started up the long steep climb back up the other side and made it up about a quarter of the way. In repeated attempts to get the bike going again, Larry found that keeping the bike going straight was darn near impossible with the flat tire. Since Chas was a little 'fresher' than Larry, he attempted to ride the bike up the steep climb. With Larry pushing, Chas was able to make about twenty feet of progress at a time before crashing off to the side. After a number of attempts, we finally made it over the worst part. Chas decided to ride Larry's bike the rest of the way to the top and had Larry ride his lighter weight HT Racing 350. Up at the top the riders switched back to their own bikes, with the worst yet to come. On the way back to camp, while crossing Stoney Creek, Larry's front wheel slipped out while riding over the slippery water-covered metal grate. The resulting fall led to a painfully damaged thumb. It was later learned that Larry broke his thumb and had to have two pins put in to hold things together.

On a side note, when Brian & Kim Morgan and family arrived at the campsite, nobody even recognized them! They had each lost so much weight through diet and exercise that they were virtually unrecognizable!! Congratulations to the Morgans ... way to go.

FOUTS SPRINGS  PHOTOS: by Bill Heinemann

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