Taken from the August 2009 Newsletter


The turnout for the outing was small with only two rigs showing up (Paul and Chas), plus three day riders (Tad, Roger and Larry) on Saturday. While Sacramento was suffering from close to record-breaking heat, the weather was reasonably mild at the 4,900 feet elevation campsite at the Sheep Ranch and especially so at the 7,000+ feet elevations that were reached during the rides. On Friday, Chas and Paul did a 114-mile primarily exploratory ride including Loop #5 to start off, Soda Springs Road out of Robinson Flat, some very nice high elevation Sierra riding from The Cedars to French Meadows Reservoir, the Western States Trail from French Meadows Reservoir to Robinson Flat, then back to camp. All five riders took part in the 78-mile Saturday ride. We took the Western States/Tevis Cup Trail east out of Robinson Flat up towards Squaw Valley. This beautiful, pristine, single-track trail had been cleared and groomed for the horse race which begins on August 1st. Chas suffered through an inordinate number of unfortunate incidents on Friday and Saturday including but not necessarily limited to: (1) two flat tires, (2) drowned bike in small but slippery creek, (3) broken gas line, and (4) engine mysteriously stopped running. After spending some time pulling the spark plug and determining that there was no spark, Larry conveniently discovered and pointed out that the kill button had inadvertently stuck in the on/pushed in position! Enjoy the photos.

Chas had made prior arrangements to ride with a group from Thumper Talk staging at China Wall on Sunday, however after 210 miles over three days of riding he decided to nix the ride because of potential rear-end problems and didn't want to jeopardize his Idaho trip.

MOON ROCKS PHOTOS: by Chas Moser and Tad Cornwell

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                    Paul                                                                                                                                                                                     Chas

03-c3.jpg (113090 bytes)   04-t1.jpg (159255 bytes)

                                    Roger                                                                         Paul                                                                 Larry

05-t2.jpg (153519 bytes)   06-t3.jpg (88348 bytes)

    Paul                     Roger                     Larry                                                                                                                             Tad

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