Taken from the July 2009 Newsletter  - Part A


Another fantastic outing. Chas has ridden here a number of times and can vouch for the tremendous riding opportunities. High elevation riding yet only 55 miles from home! Five rigs showed up with a total of nine riders including four day riders. Friday's ride was basically all single track. At about the halfway point, John Cox and Bob Hampton were so dizzy from the technical single track that they called it a day and left for camp from the main staging area. Keith and Chas continued on to some of the best single track that this state has to offer. The spirited Saturday ride was truly outstanding - - - 42 miles, over half of which was single track. Chas was very impressed with the riding abilities of all seven riders, including: Paul, Robin, John C, Keith, Bob H, Larry, and of course Chas. John C, Bob H, Keith and Chas enjoyed a nice laid back 45 mile ride on Sunday which included single track, lots of power lines, several beautiful lakes, plus checking out our old stomping grounds at 'Red Dog/You Bet' only to find that the whole area was closed to OHVs. The weather and campsite were perfect, and the Saturday Potluck was delicious.

 CHALK BLUFF PHOTOS:  taken by Bob Hampton and Vicki Hepler

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