Taken from the June 2009 Newsletter


The Wolseys arrived Friday night after trying a new route from 395 - Red Rock Road. After getting completely shaken up, we decided that the road is much better coming in the traditional way.

The ride on Saturday was great and we had another fun shorter ride on Sunday. On Saturday we ran into a herd of wild horses and saw a few antelope. On Sunday we tried to find a new route to the top of the mountain and ended up coming down a very steep (lots of rock drop-offs) trail. We had a great potluck on Saturday and went out for a good buffet dinner on Sunday to the Nugget after spending some time at Cabelas.

The kids (Billy, Taylor & Cassidy) got to ride both afternoons and had a lot of fun. There were four rigs without any day riders. The excitement on Saturday was a helicopter that had to airlift a rider that had crashed right next to camp - he was apparently in 5th gear when he flipped and was not wearing a helmet - he also was in short pants and flip flops on his feet - not the brightest bunny in the desert.

MOON ROCKS PHOTOS: by Paul Boettin

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03-Sitting-around.JPG (111619 bytes)  05-Potluck.JPG (100882 bytes)

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