Taken from the May 2009 Newsletter


At the TBSA outing at Bald Montain (Georgetown), the weather was cold and clear with a sprinkling of snow thrown in Thursday night for Paul Boettin and myself. By 10:00 AM Friday morning, most of the snow had melted leaving the trails slippery but dust-free for Friday=s ride which included Paul Boettin, Ron Cottrell, Larry Mason and myself. I had arrived at camp around noon on Thursday and Paul at about 2:30. Bob and Bert Smith pulled in Friday afternoon. Larry Mason came for the day ride on Friday - said something about dressing up as a woman for his wife on Saturday evening. You will have to ask him how that went!

Saturday we had another batch of day riders - Bill Thomas, Bill Heinemann and Dan Kelly. On Sunday a friend of Paul Boettin rode up on his new DRZ650 and went for a ride with Paul.

Sunday morning three non-club day riders showed up at our camp site and left their truck for the day. By Sunday afternoon around 5:00 PM, I was the only one left in camp when these riders returned. Earlier in the day several of us noticed that the brake lights were on in the truck. The guys noticed their mistake when they got back to camp - dead truck battery. I had them push the truck over to my motor home and hooked up my battery charger. While we were waiting for the charge to take, three adults and four kids came through camp looking for 2-stroke gas for the kids= bikes so they could get back to Mace Mill. One of the original three riders had a 2-stroke and was able to siphon off enough gas to get the kids on their way. This was a case of one good deed prompting another.

By the way, the first group had tossed a gear bag into the front seat of the pickup, which fell on the floor holding brake pedal down, with the result being a dead battery. It was their good luck that an old TBSA rider was still in camp to do them a good deed.


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PHOTOS FROM MOAB: by Robin Baumgart

As you may know, the Heplers, Baumgarts and Fishes spent the month of April in the area near Moab, Utah, along with Walt and Ben Lytte. Here are a few pictures, courtesy of Robin, from a couple of the rides.

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If you’d like to see more photos from the Utah Trip, please click here to go to my little website.

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