Taken from the Febuary 2009 Newsletter  - Part A

Fouts Springs Outing Report:   by Chas Moser

Considering that this outing took place in the middle of January, the weather was unbelievably nice ... up to low 70's during the day and cooling off to the high 20's at night and early morning. The weather was mild enough for jersey riding during the day if the rides started after 10:00 a.m. The TBSA turnout was fairly small and intimate with 6 rigs, 17 people (including 3 children) with 11 riders in the group. Since this was a three-day holiday, and given the nice weather, we had a lot of company at the Davis Flat camp area. The Mosers’ dog Penny did not relish the loud fireworks during the evening and into the night. The riding at Fouts was excellent as usual. Tad, Keith and Chas took an easy 25-mile ride on Friday to check out their "healing" bodies. This was Chas’ first trail ride since his "rib incident" last September. Fortunately, all went well. On Saturday, Robin led Bill H., Kevin, Keith, Chas, Kristen and Scott on a very nice 46-mile loop that included a variety of terrain, including snow at the higher elevations. Chas is indebted to Kristen for forging a pathway for him through the deeper snow with her low-slung bike! The only real incident on the ride was a head-on collision between Scott and an errant 12-year-old, witnessed by Kristen as they were making their way back to camp. Fortunately, neither party was bady injured. Bill T. led our group of six riders, including Robin, Bill H., Keith, Chas and Scott on Sunday. The extensive 68-mile ride included much of the best available riding in the area. Even though Fouts is not renowned for its single-track, Bill took us on most of it. The only mishaps were Robin’s crash where his front tire washed out in a moderately fast turn, and at least one case of severe "monkey butt." On Monday, Chas put in 50 miles of mostly dirt road riding north of camp. Chas really enjoyed his new HT Racing 350 modified from an ‘08 250 XCF-W. On a side note, as soon as he got home, he made a trip up to Guts Racing in Diamond Flats for a more comfortable soft foam seat. The pleasant result is that his tush survived its first 100-mile Yuma Arizona ride without any of the dreaded "monkey butt" syndrome.

Fouts Springs Outing Photos:   by Bill Heineman and Vicki Hepler

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