Taken from the December 2008 Newsletter


Some of you may remember Doug Burns, who at Member Number 11, was one of the earliest members of TBSA. He passed away at age 76 on Nov. 20th after a bout with pneumonia, although he had suffered from Parkinsons for several years. In accordance with his wishes, no memorial service was held. He was preceded in death by two daughters and is succeeded by his son Kevin and wife Estelle, who is receiving cards at their home at 15789 Fay Rd., Grass Valley 95949. Some of our members emeritus remember Doug fondly:

"We have just learned of the passing of our dear fellow biker/camper. Our history with this wonderful man and his wife Estelle holds years of happy memories and we were so blessed to have known him together with you during those years." - Love, Blessings and Memories, - Bob and Carole Wood

"We will cherish memories of this gentle man for the rest of our lives. At six foot six inches tall he was an imposing, quiet, and the friendliest person one would ever meet. Quick to help others and reluctant to criticize, he personified what many of us would like to be. He left me with 41 years of pleasant memories of the many adventures and some mis-adventures, that would have qualified for the Harley Half Miler, if we had divulged what we did. Doug is very much missed but not forgotten." - Val & Paula Koeberlein

This is a photo taken of Doug and Estelle during their visit to the Koeberleins in Alaska in 2005)

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In Payson, Arizona, we found a motorcycle wrecking yard consisting of approximately four acres of nothing but motorcycle skeletons (mostly dirt bikes but many street bikes). This picture does not do justice to the real thing. Eat your hearts out, guys - too back it= s not in Northern California.

02-bobs-bikes.jpg (123249 bytes)


Several members and their families camped at the Davis Flat Campground at Fouts Springs (near Stonyford) on the weekend before Thanksgiving. There was also a family enduro that weekend, so they were joined by MANY other campers and riders.

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