Taken from the September 2008 Newsletter

President's Message:  by Le Wallin

"Sweetwater 2008" - I have just come in from star-gazing and there must be a billion of them. The Milky Way goes right overhead and, as the night goes on, it appears to move to the west and, if you sit there long enough, the Milky Way passes on by. One smart guy said it was due to the earth’s rotation - I thought it was the Canadian whiskey! Well, even old guys can get wisdom if they can keep quiet while the smart guys talk.

The price of fuel was not a problem this week - rigs that had been hibernating for months were out and running and many of them came to Sweetwater. There were so many rigs that the Postal Department sent a representative out to rent us postal boxes - I really think he was a con man. I tried to count how many rigs and tents were in camp, but I always got district. With any luck, Vicki got a count. (Ed. note: 7 motorhomes, 6 trailers, 2 tents) We had a strong contingent from the Bay Area bunch and all went well at the potlucky, especially with Tad cooking the steaks. Some guy brought peaches again.

As of this time (during the outing), I have ridden approximately 260 miles on that poor little girly bike and we have another day to go. Big Foot and I have found a new area that I have never explored - it is east of the Walker River and north of the crossroads going to Hawthorne to the east and Aurora & Bodie to the south. How I missed this area is a mystery, but we will be back next year and spend some more time ‘cause it is loaded with two-track mountaintops, mining areas, and just neat spots to see. The area in mind is about 29 miles from camp and then it goes on for hours of time and miles of travel. Big Bob and I put on 90 miles round-trip and I think we saw about 30 percent of the area. Wait till next year.

Ralph Adams came up for a couple of days and it was sure nice to have him along. After Ralph had left, the Duck (alias Ducky Boy) came by and said he expected to hear shots some night and then a voice yelling out, "Take that, you SOB," but Ralph and I let him down - and that’s another old TBSA story.

Photos from Sweetwater Outing: by Bill Heinemann and Vicki Hepler

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