Taken from the August 2008 Newsletter - Part A

Report from Chalk Bluff Outing: by Chas Moser

Chas was again baffled by the low TBSA turnout, especially considering the five big "S's" in play: Super Riding, Super Camping Area, Super Weather, Super Potluck, and Super Close to Sacramento (56 miles from Loomis). Three rigs showed up: Tad & Paricia Cornwell, Ron Cottrell, and Chas. Larry Mason came up for a day ride on Saturday. Also on Saturday, we had an unexpected but very pleasant visit from former TBSA president Bob Wright & his wife Mary. On Friday, we rode north of camp and included some very nice single-track and dirt roads ending up (via the quaint historic town of Washington) at Canyon Creek, where Ron and Larry coerced Chas into climbing into a rickety old tram that was set up to cross the creek some 25 feet above the water. They then threatened to pull the tram containing Chas several hundred feet to the other side if he didn't behave himself! On Saturday, Ron and Chas rode south of camp and hit some super power line trails and single-track. During the ride, Chas' bike picked up a gigantic seven-inch nail which completely pierced through both sides of the rear tire. The irreparable inner tube was replaced with a new tube on the spot. On Sunday, Ron and Chas ended up at "Red Dog/You Bet". They later came across a washed out bridge over a creek. Chas rode down the bank to check out the creek. After several unsuccessful attempts to climb back out, Chas crossed the creek and found a way out the other side. After discussing the predicament, with Ron and Chas on either side of the washed-out bridge, they decided to take separate routes back to camp. The Cornwells and day-riders Kathy and Danny Lodermeier rode and explored some of the many trails in this area. All told, Chas put on 152 miles in four days of riding. Enjoy Ron's photos.

Photos from Chalk Bluff Outing: by Ron Cottrell

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