Taken from the June 2008 Newsletter

Report from Smith Valley Outing: by Chas Moser

Two rigs showed up for Smith Valley with two riders, Nevin and Chas. Chas' good friend, Bill Bishop, drove up from Reno and stayed Saturday and Sunday hoping to do some trout fishing with Chas. The 84 mile Saturday ride started out OK. Luckily we wore our waterproof enduro gear. The mountains were still snowed in, so we rode down in Smith Valley proper. A good part of the morning was spent riding an 'enduro' race course set up for a race on Sunday. There were a number of high powered sand rails, quads and trucks pre-running the course on Saturday. Word of advice, stay far away from and/or far behind sand rails as they go very fast and throw large quantities of roost in their wake. Midday the weather took a turn for the worse, getting colder and very windy and rainy. By the time camp was reached, the two riders were cold and weary, with the bikes gaining about 50 lbs of gooey mud. The one-time dry lake was no longer dry. Since the 'dry lake' was no longer navigable, it was decided that our best bet would be to attempt passage for about a mile cross country over to the main dirt road with the rigs. Nevin made it all the way towing his trailer with a four-wheel drive pickup. Chas made it about half-way before his rig hopelessly bogged down in the mud. Aided by a tow rope and Nevin's truck, Chas' van and trailer were eventually extricated to dry land. Since a blizzard was due later Sunday and Monday, it was decided that a hasty retreat would be in our best interest, and even at that there was fairly heavy snow midday Sunday over Echo Summit.

Photos from Smith Valley Outing: by Nevin Nyswonger

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