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Our new campsite, about a mile past our previous spot, was especially nice in that we basically had the whole area to ourselves. Temperatures dropped considerably during the nights with Friday's low down into the very low twenties, low enough to freeze up water pipes and/or water pumps in two of the rigs. The riding conditions were just about perfect - mild days, not too much dust, and just enough snow to make it interesting, although in camp it was on the cool side and windy at times. Six rigs showed up plus two day-riders for a total of nine riders. Unfortunately Bill Thomas injured his wrist prior to the first ride while attempting to climb a nasty hill during a preliminary 'tune-up' ride.

The riding was excellent as always with Robin leading six riders on the Friday ride along the technical single track in the Dogskin Mountain range. We were unable to cross east over the top of the range into Winnemucca Valley as in past rides due to the insurmountable amount of snow, therefore we dropped back down and crossed the main dirt road where Robin had previously discovered a really nice, new to us, twisty single track trail extending for at least five miles!!

On Saturday, Nevin led eight riders on an interesting exploratory ride northeast of camp towards Pyramid Lake and Tule Peak. We covered 85 miles of primarily two-track jeep roads including many (some said too many) rocky portions. By day's end, we were all pretty much tuckered out. Glenda took her truck and the gals into Sparks/Reno on Saturday. Fortuitously they found a new shorter, much smoother route into Sparks/Reno via Hwy 395. This new route is five miles shorter than the old route and actually leads directly to our new campsite. Enjoy the photos.


Editor’s Note: The following photographs were submitted by (in alphabetical order) Chas, Glenda, Nevin, Prentice and Robin. I really appreciate their taking over the camera duties when I can’t be there - and it’s especially nice to get some great pictures from the trail.

01-g-riders-lineup.jpg (191023 bytes)

(the orphan bike on the right is Billy's)

02-c-more-rocks.jpg (208505 bytes)

(lots of rocks)

03-c-snow-bound.jpg (180218 bytes)

(stuck in the snow?)

04-c-pyramid-lake.jpg (141759 bytes)

(Pyramid Lake in the distance)

05-c-ready-to-ride.jpg (198392 bytes)

(looks like they're ready to ride)

06-g-Wolsey-biker-chicks.jpg (147647 bytes)

(the Wolsey biker chicks)

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