Taken from the April 2008 Newsletter

Report from Georgetown Outing:  by Chas Moser

Our scheduled outing at Chalk Bluff (new site for TBSA) was relocated to Georgetown. Chas checked out the Chalk Bluff campsite earlier in the week and found that it and most of the trails were still under several feet of snow, hence the Bald Mountain staging area relocation. The trails at Georgetown were in superb condition - moist in most places, not too many muddy spots and very little dust. The one problematic area, at least over the weekend, was the multitude of riders out on the trails. On Thursday there were four rigs at the staging area including Ron Cottrell, the Mosers, the Smiths, plus Chuck and Sue Skaggs, visitors from the Olympic Peninsula. The Baumgarts arrived on Friday. A former member of Sacramento TBSA from the 1960's, Nick Collin (Elko, NV) and family also arrived on Friday. Nick filled us in on his wonderful early childhood recollections and memories of his time with TBSA. Friday and/or Saturday day riders included Tad, Bill H., Larry and Le, plus Brian Morgan from the Diablo Chapter. We all enjoyed a surprise visit from Keith and Vicki on Saturday - Keith is making excellent progress in his recovery but, of course, not as fast as he would like. They had supper with the Baumgarts on Saturday evening.

Five of us enjoyed a super 39-mile ride on Friday over many of the intricate trails in the area, with Ron directing and Chas leading. We had no trouble with other riders on Friday. There were several rides going out on Saturday. Chas and Bill led the six=rider 40-mile hot shoe ride on Saturday. The trail conditions were just about perfect except for the large number of other riders out on the trails on Saturday and Sunday. The Bald Mountain staging area was a real madhouse from late Friday through Sunday with at least 30 rigs and pickups packed into this relatively small area like a can of sardines!! Many of the folks were from two other OHV organizations, some of whom were involved in setting up for a future enduro event, plus many just up for a day or two of trail riding. Nevertheless we all had a good time, and there were no real mishaps other than Brian's broken clutch cable, Bob Smith's banged up nose, and a split in the "intercooler to turbo hose" in Chas' new Dodge Sprinter. Ask him about this at the next TBSA meeting!

Photos from Georgetown Outing:  by Bill Heinemann and Vicki Hepler

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AND, as an added bonus - a Blast from the Past - - -

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