Taken from the March 2008 Newsletter

Photos from the Yuma Chapter:  by R.K. Johnstone

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Report from Spangler Hills Outing: by Chas Moser

This was the smallest outing in terms of TBSA participation in recent memory. Three rigs and four riders!! That is unfortunate as we enjoyed four days of superb riding. Thursday was cool and windy.....perfect enduro jacket weather. Prentice and Christie Fish led Chas on a nice 63 mile ride which included the Goler Gulch area where Christie's trials tire equipped GasGas suffered a rim pinched rear tire. We rested on Friday to await the arrival of the rest of the TBSA contingent. Glenda and Robin arrived Friday night. Robin led a 49 mile ride on Saturday to the Rand mountains where Christie's GasGas suffered a broken foot peg. Chas wanted to check out the city of Randsburg after the ride so on the way back to camp he detoured through the small town. What a madhouse. There were probably a thousand dirtbikes, quads and people vying for spaces in this little hamlet. Even though technically these vehicles are not allowed on public roads and there are signs posted attesting to that fact, the local sheriffs and townfolk apparently feel the trespassing in exchange for monetary benefit to the local economy is a worthwhile trade-off. The OHV traffic was so horrific through town that they had to employ flaggers on each end of main street to control the traffic flow!! On Sunday, Robin led a spectacular 66 mile ride over to the challenging single-track around Fremont Peak. We all had fun on the 76-mile ride on Monday where we rode Spangler Hills proper including single-track, hills, Teagle Wash, Charlie's Place, etc. Sunday evening, Chas transported the entire TBSA contingent in his new Dodge Sprinter van to Sizzlers in Ridgecrest. Other than the first day, the weather was perfect with daytime temperatures in the low 70's. Chas brought Penny along since Jan was visiting their son Jeff in Portland. Penny very quickly adopted Glenda as her new 'surrogate mom'.

Photos from Spangler Hills Outing: by Chas Moser

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