Taken from the January 2008 Newsletter

Christmas Party Report:   by Mike Stewart

This year’s Christmas Party came and went Saturday, December 1st.  Linda Stewart says 29 attended, the turnout filling the house with gearheads and their better halves.  That many people with so much in common made for a lively, fast paced evening.  Of course, an ample supply of munchies, beer, wine, and soda before dinner helped, as did hot fresh out-of-the-oven, Chinese food specially prepared for the evening.  Glenda Baumgart and Linda out-did themselves making this year’s party an evening for all in keeping with TBSA tradition.  Not long after dinner, they included a Christmas gift drawing that kept everyone guessing contents as numbers were drawn and packages opened.  The evening wrapped up with dessert and Christmas farewells all around.  This evening was the next best thing to a summer’s evening potluck and campfire at Sweetwater Summit.  If you missed it, hope to see you next year.

(Editor’s Note: The Heplers wish to thank everyone who contributed for the Chili’s gift card for us, to compensate for the fact that we were unable to attend the Party. Hopefully some of you will join us when Keith finally has his first dinner outing!)

Photographs from the Christmas Party:    by Jan Moser and Linda Hampton

11-xmas-party1.JPG (118779 bytes)      12-xmas-party2.jpg (93356 bytes)

13-xmas-party3.jpg (109418 bytes)     14-xmas-party4.jpg (135253 bytes)

15-xmas-party5.jpg (150813 bytes)      16-xmas-party6.jpg (57826 bytes)

17-xmas-party7.jpg (49256 bytes)

18-xmas-party8.jpg (70734 bytes)  Happy Christmas (Eating) to All !

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