Taken from the October 2007 Newsletter, Part A

Moon Rocks Outing:   by Chas Moser

Excellent outing. Ten rigs and 19 people showed up, which perhaps was a little surprising considering the inclement weather on Friday. The weekend temperature was on the cool side with a high of 58 degrees and lows in the mid 20's at night. It snowed Thursday night and Friday morning. The snow didn't remain at camp level but did cover the surrounding mountains with several inches, sticking at higher elevations. Nobody rode on Friday because of the weather, however the riding conditions for Saturday and Sunday were just about perfect. The main rides on Saturday and Sunday had nine and eight riders respectively. Bob Hampton adapted well to his new ride - a factory street legal '07 KTM 525 EXC. He rode all of the technical single-track without so much as a whimper. Everybody hated the whoops and the obnoxious camp racers. Most of these so-called riders stay and ride within 100 yards of the staging area for the majority of the time. This may actually be a blessing in disguise as there are therefore very few other riders out on the trails due to this camp area riding proclivity. Everybody loved the whoop-free single-track along the Dogskin Mountain range. Ron Columbo and Nevin Nyswonger showed movies on Friday and Sunday nights. Robin, Bob H. and Keith went on an exploratory ride on Monday and apparently discovered some more single-track trails and potentially a more sensible camp spot, hopefully devoid of camp racers. Enjoy the photos courtesy of Vicki and Nevin.

01-nearby-snow.JPG (76281 bytes)  02-bobs-dish.JPG (56241 bytes)

03-bigfoots-ktm.JPG (103224 bytes)  04-dressy-doggies.JPG (144036 bytes)

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06-snowy-trail.JPG (60039 bytes)  07-rocky-trail.JPG (126106 bytes)

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