Taken from the July 2007 Newsletter, Part A

Elkins Flat Outing: by Chas Moser

Chas jotted down some notes on this outing early on, but at the moment can't put his fingers on them. He recollects that there was a small turnout with only five riders. The riding and of course the potluck were excellent. The 80-mile Sunday ride included trails 28, 26, 30, 31, Leek Spring Lookout, and lunch at the 'Swimming Hole' on Dogtown Creek. After lunch, we forded Dogtown Creek and the nearby Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River and discovered an even larger 'Swimming Hole' resplendent with nude sunbathers (first spotted by Keith's sharp eyes).

In a potential moment of embarrassment, John Cox almost plowed into the back of Chas' trusty KTM during a brief lack of concentration. However the question that remains is ... Why did Chas abruptly almost stop in the middle of the trail??

We put on 186 miles over three days of riding covering much of the Gold Note and Elkins Flat trail systems. Chas is indebted to Keith and Vicki and profusely thanks them for food and housing during his stay at Elkins.

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