Taken from the June 2007 Newsletter, Part A

Smith Valley Outing: by Chas Moser

At Smith Valley over this year's Memorial Day weekend, there were 13 rigs and 16 riders, including Tad and Paricia from the Diablo chapter. TBSA seems to like this general area. This may be due in part to the two three-day holidays we spend there, i.e. Memorial Day and Labor Day, and also, of course, the fantastic riding. (Nearby Sweetwater over Labor Day has traditionally been our outing with the largest turnout.)

There were one or two rides going out every day. The riding conditions were generally very good with mild weather, especially at the higher elevations. Some of the trails were a little dry and dusty; however, prevailing breezes kept dust problems to a minimum. Most of the riding on this outing was confined to the Pine Nuts and over towards (and including) Eldorado and Illinois Canyons. In this region there are many two-tracks and trails, with a lot more waiting to be explored.

On our Friday ride, on one particularly nasty, steep, loose uphill, Chas made it up perhaps 2/3 of the way before getting sideways, and after contemplating the situation, decided to turn around and find a more suitable detour for the other six riders. At that point Bob H. comes zooming past Chas on his puny little 250 Honda, up to about 3/4 the way up said hill before stalling out. With this added incentive and with determination, Chas puts his trusty big bore RevLoc KTM into second gear and ultimately made it to the top, followed shortly thereafter by a tired out Bigfoot! Dennis was kind enough to show us some new (to us) super single-track trails on Saturday, while Nevin found some neat trails to add to our trail inventory, plus the additional benefit of creating a new loop back towards our campsite in Smith Valley. Some of us even persevered the 'sh-t' trail basically straight down from the top of the Pine Nuts into Smith Valley. Chas put on 240 miles over three days of super riding.

Chas was 'forced' to cut his Saturday ride short in order to make it back in time for the Potluck and to check on his solar box cooking pork roast. Our first potluck of the year was absolutely outstanding and enjoyed by all. Chas owes a debt of gratitude to Ron Cottrell for the loan of his Dodge Cummins pickup to tow Chas’ and Jan's new trailer. On his way home, Chas thought that the fuel gauge must be malfunctioning, because back home in Loomis after the 322-mile round trip, the fuel gauge was only at the 1/2 mark. Chas could barely squeeze in 20 gallons of fuel which computes to 16 MPG!!

Jan is still somewhat perturbed that she missed the christening voyage of the new trailer. The reason that she was unable to attend the outing was due to her mixed up priorities. Jan had flown to Happy Valley, OR to greet our healthy new grandson in person - Carson Charles Moser, born May 16, 2007 to Jeff and Farrah. The Moser name lives on! Chas and brother Richard have collectively 14 grandchildren with only one grandchild between them thus far capable of carrying on the Moser name!!

Enjoy the photos from our master TBSA photographers, and the next two outings in June - Elkin's Flat and Strawberry at Packsaddle Pass, and DON'T FORGET - - POTLUCKS AT ALL SUMMER OUTINGS FROM NOW ON.


May Photographs - Smith Valley Outing: by Ron Cottrell, Nevin Nyswonger, and Vicki Hepler

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