Taken from the May 2007 Newsletter, Part A

Moon Rocks Outing: by Chas Moser

TBSA enjoyed a very successful outing at Moon Rocks. Moon Rocks (Hungry Valley, NV OHV Recreation Area) is located just east of Pyramid Lake, about 25 miles north of Reno. Seven rigs showed up with ten riders, including three riders from the Diablo TBSA chapter. The outing attendees included: Glenda and Robin, Vicki and Keith, Roger and Chas, RK, Lana and Nevin, Bill T. and Bill H, and Patricia and Tad Cornwell from Diablo Chapter. Problematic fluctuating weather conditions over Donner Summit kept at least three or four other rigs from attending the outing. Chas was lucky and fortunate that Roger Jacobs (Diablo TBSA VP) was at our last TBSA meeting and graciously volunteered to provide a ride to and lodging for Chas for the Moon Rocks outing. (Chas and Jan are between RVs and are currently awaiting arrival of their new van tow vehicle for their new trailer.)

The riding conditions on Friday and Saturday were superb. The air was crisp, dust was lacking, and traction was excellent. We were even able to traverse the snow at the higher elevations with not too many problems. Chas led two rides on Friday - the first ride before lunch was on some of the easier trails and gullies south of camp, while the afternoon ride included the more technical single-track trails along the Dogskin Mountain ridges northwest of camp. Bill T. led a spirited all-day ride on Saturday for the inveterate hotshoes which turned out to be almost all available riders in camp. The challenging almost 40-mile ride was the epic ride of the year thus far, with a little bit of everything, including lots of technical single-track, fast single- and two-track, steep uphills, steeper downhills, sand, and, to top it off, not too many whoops. The storm front moved through Saturday night and Sunday. On Sunday, Nevin and Chas went out searching for the sun on a 48-mile ride. Their quest for the sun was at best only partially successful. The last sunny spot was at their lunch stop on a ridge overlooking Border Town where lunch was cut short by a rain shower. The weather for the remainder of the ride proceeded to get windier, colder and damper; therefore, after another hour or so of trails, a relatively hasty retreat to the warmth of camp was in order.

The main casualties at the outing included Robin's injured shoulder, Bill H.'s broken 525 cam chain, and RK's GPS mount. Robin's untimely get-off occurred at the end of the second ride on Friday as we were arriving back at camp; and Bill H was still having issues with his recently rebuilt KTM top end. Good Samaritan that he is, Robin insisted that Bill ride his KTM for the remainder of the weekend. Some folks left on Sunday for home, braving the snow flurries through the Sierras, and made it home with no problems. The rest of us waited out the storm and came home between storm fronts on Monday and Tuesday.

April Photographs - Moon Rocks Outing: by Vicki Hepler

01-moonrocks-01.jpg (182756 bytes)  02-moonrocks-02.JPG (266419 bytes)

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