Taken from the March 2007 Newsletter

February Spangler Hills Outing: by Chas Moser

This area, east of California City, is very popular with the Southern California crowd. This time, TBSA decided to camp in a different location just south of Randsburg, close to all the good riding but away from the other OHV riders and campers. The campsite was easy to get to with only about half a mile of smooth dirt road off of the paved Trona Road. TBSA only had three rigs show up for this outing and was the only group camped in this area.

The riding and weather conditions were perfect. It is difficult to imagine a better place for the OHV enthusiast for all-round riding. The riding area is basically wide open with something for everyone. Lots of single track, sand washes, hillclimbs, with miles upon miles of riding over a wide variety of terrain. The kids, if they ever showed up, would love it. Beginners, if they ever showed up, would love it. Anybody and everybody, if they ever showed up, would love it. On Friday, Keith led Chas on a challenging 50-mile ride which served among other things to condition Chas for the Saturday and Sunday rides.

On Saturday, Keith, Robin and Chas made an all-day 114-mile counter-clockwise loop which included a large dry lake bed, Freemont Peak, Red Mountain, California City, the Burro Schmidt Mine region, and Randsburg. On Sunday, Keith took us on an 87-mile ride which included the long Teagle Wash to the Trona Pinnacles for lunch, then into the town of Trona, followed by numerous single-track trails, hillclimbs, and Charlie's Place. Three days of absolutely superlative riding with all new trails each day!! Surprisingly, other than a flat tire and a solitary get-off in the Teagle Wash, there were very few 'mishaps'.

And, oh yes, last but certainly not least, the gals had a wonderful time as well. Glenda, Vicki and Jan kept the home fires burning and made several sightseeing/shopping trips to Randsburg, Johannesburg and Ridgecrest. Enjoy the photos.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Glenda’s brother Gene and his family came from Southern California to visit and enjoyed a trip into Randsburg with us. On Monday there were a few sprinkles, so instead of riding, Keith and Robin did a little target shooting and flew Keith’s new remote-control airplane.

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