Taken from the February 2007 Newsletter

February Non-Outing - Fouts Springs:   by Glenda Baumgart

"TBSA Impromptu outing Davis Flat February 3rd & 4th & 5th"

A few of the TBSA members who were not home enjoying the Super Bowl, or still out of state enjoying the weather, managed to make it to Fout Springs/Davis Flat. Scott Wolsey, Bill Thomas, Tim McMillan, Paul Boettin, Bill Heinemann and Jay Keeting were all there to enjoy the riding.

Robin and I were supposed to be there Friday night; we hit the road about 6:30 PM and were doing good getting out of the Sacramento traffic. As we got to where I-5 and 80 join just before the airport, Robin put his foot to the peddle and away we didn’t go! Just as a big rig was passing us, we heard a loud "KA BOOM!!!!" as Robin put it. And all of a sudden our truck was moving as fast as a turtle racing the rabbit on the freeway - we were going nowhere fast. We managed to take the cut-off back on Riego Road to Roseville and pulled in the drive way about 40 minutes after we had left it.

So for all of you who may be guessing, Robin had been working on the truck for about a week before we left for the outing. He is adding all kinds of stuff to make it have "power" and to help with the pressures, etc. (this is what he tells me). So his first thought was that he blew up the turbo in the engine, then he thought that something might have come loose. But we weren’t stopping by the freeway to find out!

After we got back home he put it in his shop and checked things out; it seems that one of the new things he installed had blown off and we lost power, so he put it back on and took it for a test drive. I told him that we could go anyway tomorrow (Saturday) because we both had Monday off but if we got stuck on the way, he would be the one looking for the tow! We finally managed to get there about 3:00 on Saturday.

Ladies, I would like to thank you all for training your guys so nicely. Since I was the only woman in the group, I was treated like a queen. Scott offered me a margarita; Bill Heinemann offered me hors d’oeuvres; Jay and Paul cooked steak, potatoes, salad and French bread; Bill Thomas offered me chocolate cake; and I didn’t even have to bring my own dishes. Guys, I will come to your potluck anytime! Of course I did hear some-thing about Madame Vice President - I guess clout has its privilege.

Sunday morning everyone left and Robin and I were alone practicing for retirement. He never took the bike out of the trailer, we went for a walk, enjoyed movies and got up late Monday morning - we were the only trailer left in the whole big area. Thanks for the memories, from Glenda & Robin

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While, on the same weekend, Keith and J.C. were returning from Yuma by way of Parker.

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