Taken from the November, 2006 Newsletter


Most of you missed a really excellent outing at Fout Springs. The weather was mild and perfect. After welcome dust-settling rains on Wednesday and Thursday, the trails were in superlative riding condition for Friday, Saturday and Sunday ... absolutely perfect, and it didn't rain a drop over the weekend.

Chas rode 61 miles on Friday to check out the old almost forgotten trails in the Black Diamond - Faulkner Ridge areas. Doesn't that bring back fond memories!! On Saturday, John Cox, Keith and Chas did a pleasant 40-mile loop including lunch at the top of Faulkner Ridge, then Auk Ridge trails, then the creek crossing. Yes, the infamous Stony Creek. Now, mind you, the creek at this time of year is near its lowest; however it is still deep enough to completely cover and engulf an overturned KTM 525!! Yes, this unhappy and unsightly event did indeed occur to one of the big bore KTMs, unfortunately cutting the ride short of what was planned. After the baptism, the bike was quickly cleared of excess water, including draining the exhaust, air filter and carb float bowl. The engine however refused to start 'come hell or high water' (pardon the pun). By the way, the embarrassed rider claims that an injured pinky should keep him from a Harley Half Miler nomination. The bike finally made it back to camp via John's four-wheel drive pickup. After changing the engine oil and cleaning the filter screens and with the aid of jumper cables, the engine finally started but would only run with the choke on. Back to the carb, it was found that the pilot jet was still plugged with water. After cleaning the jets, the engine started easily and once again ran normally. Since the oil was still milky, the oil was changed again and once the engine was fully warmed up during the Sunday ride, all traces of condensation eventually dissipated. On Sunday, Bill H., Bill T., and Tim drove up for the day. Keith joined them for a spirited 72-mile ride over the regular Fout Spring trails mostly south of camp, while John and Chas spent the day exploring more of the terrain north of camp.

Oh, and by the way, it is fortuitous that Georgetown was not selected as an alternate as it was closed over the weekend due to excessive rainfall!! On a final note ... hey TBSA, the only non-rider along on this outing was Vicki Hepler. Please keep in mind that most of the carefully selected outing locations are more than suitable and fun for all family members, including the younger riders.

FOUTS SPRINGS PHOTOS: by Chas Moser and Vicki Hepler

01-pre-saturday-ride.JPG (134661 bytes)    02-crossable-creek.JPG (112953 bytes)

03-view-from-the-top.JPG (72561 bytes)    04-too-deep.JPG (103660 bytes)

05-dead-battery.JPG (78222 bytes)   06-milking-it.JPG (93409 bytes) creek water + oil = milk?

07-surgery.JPG (106476 bytes)   08-post-sunday-ride.JPG (100457 bytes)


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