Taken from the October, 2006 Newsletter


This was a reasonably well attended outing with eight RV's, including two from the Mother Lode TBSA chapter. There were at least 14 people including 10 riders. Chas and Jan were there by themselves on Thursday, expecting Ron and Rose to show up the same day as they were bringing Penny some extra dog food. Friday morning, still no Ron and Rose so Chas gets on his bike and meanders down the road and finds them camped at Moonrocks proper!! Ron had misinterpreted the directions to the campsite. The rest of the folks started arriving Friday afternoon along with Ron and Rose.

The weather was on the cool side, but perfect for riding. Riding conditions were excellent as it had rained on Wednesday and sprinkled Friday night. The first rides went out Saturday morning. Bill Thomas led an awsome 50 mile ride beginning along the upper crest of the Dogskin Mountain range and making basically a large zigzag counterclockwise circle that covered everything from ultra technical single track, to steep hills, to more open sandy trails, to twisty sandy gullies, etc. The two riders from the Mother Lode chapter had a blast on their quads, at least until the engine on one of the quads gave up the ghost. At least the quad was almost back to camp when it expired.

Saturday evening, many of us drove in to the Peppermill restaurant in Reno to visit with Bill's mom and dad (Joan and Bill) and Bill's wife and son (Kristin and 21 month old Billy). The dining was top-notch with a spectactularly diverse buffet featuring Alaskan king crab. Some of us enjoyed a nice campfire later Saturday evening.

On Sunday, there were well attended rides before and after lunch. The lunch stop was at the campsite. Everybody was very pleased (most of the time) with all of the many trails and wide variety of riding conditions. There were several complaints about "kids" riding around more or less endlessly in and around the camp area, therefore next time perhaps we might consider seting up our campsite in the large flat clearing a little closer to Moonrocks.


MOONROCKS PHOTOS: by Chas Moser and Paul Boettin

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