Taken from the September, 2006 Newsletter - Part A


The turnout for this outing was the largest of the year, as usual. There were 15 rigs and 20 riders. There were several rides going out each day from Thursday through Monday. Chas put on 250 miles over four days of riding. Chas went on two of Bill Thomas’ many rigorous rides on Friday and Saturday, then rested and recuperated on Sunday for a final ride on Monday.

On Monday several of us, including Ron Colombo, Bob Hampton, Chas, Bob Smith and Le Wallin, went on a 46-mile exploratory ride covering the areas between Sweetwater Ranch, Boulder Flat and Highway 338, in a quest for new trails. The first of several leads out of Star City turned into dead-ends. The group did find a new, very interesting trail loop connecting the Boulder Flat road to Highway 338.

Saturday was a special treat with the Heplers and Bert Smith providing margaritas for everyone (as well as Linda Hampton’s pink alcoholic slushees!), followed by our traditional superb TBSA potluck dinner. Early Sunday morning, Paul and Paul Sr., with the aid of a few helpers, put on a super pancake and sausage breakfast feed.

On Tuesday, John Cox, Hamptons, Heplers and Mosers started the trek towards the Kern Plateau for a second (unofficial) TBSA outing. We all enjoyed the scenery, relative solitude, and mild weather at our 7,500-foot elevation campsite. The ladies even took the 50-mile windy crooked road into Kernville for a day on the town. The OHV riding area is located in between two designated wilderness areas. Here, there are many miles of dedicated, often technical single-track. The riders enjoyed four days of riding these, and even then did not cover all of the available trails,


SWEETWATER PHOTOS: by Bill Heinemann

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