Taken from the June 2006 Newsletter


Hello again everyone. Hope all is well. I was very pleased to see such a good turn out at the Carson Sink outing. It was a little bit farther then usual, but the scenery and solitude was well worth it.  Besides us, I only saw one other camper within a fifteen mile radius of where are camp was. There were nine rigs total. I counted 17 adults and 6 kids all together. The riders that got there early (Thursday & Friday) enjoyed beautiful dry riding conditions both days. Saturday’s ride, however, greeted us with wet, cold and snowy conditions which forced us all back to camp early, many with cold hands and fingers. The weather cleared for Sunday’s ride. A couple of flat tires and an injured rider made for a most eventful day. All in all it was a great holiday weekend.   I would like to thank everyone for making the potluck such a huge success. The food was excellent as well as the company and camaraderie. As usual, I ate too much!


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The turnout for the Carson Sink outing was better than expected or predicted. Ten rigs showed up with over 22 people. Thursday and Friday's weather was mild and sunny. Bob Hampton and Chas put on 141 miles of exploratory riding in the wonderfully diverse Stillwater Mountain range over Thursday and Friday. (Enjoy the photos) Saturday turned colder and rainy. Seven riders left camp for a Saturday AM ride and were eventually forced to turn back by the cold and SNOW after only 21 miles! Saturday afternoon the weather cleared up some with Nevin and Chas the only takers for a super 50 mile loop including some neat ridge riding in the snow. For Sunday, Chas had planned a very technical ride involving lots of cross country travel over the Stillwater Mountain range into Dixie Valley. Base camp is at 4,200 feet elevation and this ride goes up to over 7,000 feet and unfortunately the snow kept us from taking this monumental ride. We ended up going over to Dixie Valley via a more traditional four wheel drive route, where Chas suffered a flat rear tire only to be followed shortly thereafter by Bob Hampton's unfortunate freak accident. We all therefore (including Bob) made the loop back to camp via smoother roads for a total of 103 miles. We finally arrived in camp after 5 pm, barely in time for the potluck. Chas put on a total of 315 miles over four days of superlative riding.   Saturday's potluck, due to the inclement weather, was postponed to Sunday. We were all looking forward to the first potluck of the year with much anticipation, and were rewarded with an exemplary display of culinary delights. In Chas' words, "A feast fit for a king" ... "Thank you". Incidentally, the trip to Carson Sink via Interstate 80 is actually pretty easy ... only 200 miles and 4-1/2 hours (driving slowly for fuel conservation) from Loomis.


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