Taken from the May 2006 Newsletter


Twas barely more than a year ago when good ole Blue was abused. Ridden hard and put away wet, his story was truly sad.  His May Day came upon the 11th, the year was ‘006. The place in mind was the same ole place that challenged Blue before. Upon his arrival, his mind was set - his plan was ready-made. When the choke was closed and the button was pushed, he just refused to start. His battery held for a minute or two and then it was up to Ron. He kicked and kicked until he too was blue as blue can get. It was about then that friends gave aid and towed Ole Blue about - up the road and down the road - and still Ole Blue was silent.  An hour went by and Blue was STUBBORN - he would not fire up. The rest of the gang decided to ride and left Ole Blue and Ron behind. Now, no one knows what happened next but when they returned, the worm had turned and Ron and Blue were gone.  To this day they all do wonder why good ole Blue relented. Were promises made and will they be kept? Only time and chance will tell. But I believe that Ron made a deal, and good ole Blue accepted. - - Longfellow


Finally at long last the weather let up so that we could enjoy a decent outing. The weather was on the cool side and it rained hard one night, but otherwise the riding conditions were just about perfect. The TBSA turnout was a little better than in the recent past with 10 rigs showing up, plus several day riders. Chas and Keith led several rides on Friday and Saturday, and Bill Thomas led the main ride on Sunday. Campfire gossip has it that all rides went well, except during one ride where leader Chas took his group down one mud-filled gully too many, but overall the riders did appreciate the diversity of trails in the region. The stay-at-camp folks had a good time with at least one trek to the Reno area, and most of us enjoyed the lies, pardon me, I mean exaggerations, at the evening campfires.

MOON ROCKS PHOTOGRAPHS: b y Bill Heinemann, Chas Moser, and Vicki Hepler

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