Taken from the April 2006 Newsletter


Hello everyone! Just your monthly hello. What a March that was, with a record number of days with rain (20), which has forced us to cancel two consecutive outings. When was the last time that has happened? April has started just where March left off ,but I am optimistic that we will get a break soon, just in time for our upcoming outing on April 22-23. Note: The April outing at Elkins Flat has been changed to Moonrocks (Pyramid Lake) because of, you guessed it, SNOW. Since we were unable to ride at Moonrocks last month, we thought we would attempt it again this month. So everyone cross your fingers or maybe say a prayer because I really miss not being able to go on any outings and spending time with all of you in a long while.

I would like to welcome our newest member Larry Mason and his wife Karin. They joined the club at the last meeting and have recently moved here from southern California to be close to one of their daughters and their two granddaughters. Larry is retired and has been riding for many years. I think you will both enjoy the club as we have a great group of people, and a lot of them are retired too. Welcome to you both.

If you have not yet heard, the recent onslaught of rainy weather has taken its toll on the slipping sections of the access road to Davis Flat Campground (Stonyford). As of now, the road is CLOSED until further notice due to the road slipping. The road is currently closed at the Wolf Creek Staging area (just before starting up over the grade into Davis Flat). Current rumors have it possibly being into late spring until the road is fixed by the County.

On a sad note, Harriett Spratt, wife of former member Wayne Spratt, passed away peacefully on March 23rd after a valiant battle with cancer. They joined TBSA back in 1969. Harriett loved animals and RVing with her family and friends. She also was a longtime league bowler who loved to cook. Our condolences to Wayne and the rest of the Spratt family.


March outing was rained out, so no photos!


Here’s a photograph taken at the Fouts Springs outing in January of this year. Penny was checking out the flow of Stony Creek. As it turned out, January was a relatively "dry" month this winter. We can only imagine what this creek looked like in March!!

01-penny-creek.jpg (496988 bytes) 


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