Taken from the September 2005 Newsletter


The turnout at the Sweetwater outing was very good with eighteen rigs and two tents showing for the outstanding riding in this area. There were at least two or three rides going out each day. Chas put on 323 miles in five days of riding. We were joined by past TBSA president Nevin Nyswonger and wife Lana. Nevin showed up sporting a new '05 KTM 525 EXC which is replacing his old '87 Husky 430.

The Saturday potluck was enjoyable as usual. With so many contributors, the potluck was a veritable smorgasborg with an amazing variety of hot dishes, vegetables, fruits and desserts from which to choose. Jan used her solar cooker to cook her pork tenderloin dish. TBSA provided beer and wine to aid in the afternoon and evening social gatherings.

The Sunday breakfast was awsome. Paul outdid himself with the pancake and sausage feed. Paul was assisted by an able body of helpers including Glenda and Bob Smith among others not the least of which was Paul's dad Paul Sr. who was in charge of cooking the sausages. We all enjoyed Paul Sr's witty conversations. Turns out that he is a retired police officer.

After Sweetwater, six rigs left for an extended eastward trek beginning at Sedona, AZ where Ron Columbo and RK Johnstone led two challenging dual sport rides. The first ride was 96 miles and the second ride was 150 miles long!! Is everyone familiar with the term "monkey butt"? Chas had two nail induced flats in one day. Everybody enjoyed Sedona's unique geology, history, art galleries, restaurants, etc. All of the bikes ran trouble-free; however two of the RV's (Smith and Columbo) had troubles serious enough to require towing services. The Mosers and the Smiths headed back to Sacramento after Sedona and the four remaining rigs continued on to Santa Fe, then to Durango, Silverton, and Moab.

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