Taken from the March 2005 Newsletter

Photos from the February outing at Spangler Hills:

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I love this place, rain and bad weather notwithstanding. The TBSA contingent included Robin & Glenda, Vicki & Keith, Paul and Chas. Lyall Fisher and a friend from Thumper Talk (Jonathan Handall) failed to find our camp location and instead I believe staged from our previous location at California City. Keith led three days of glorious riding. The riding and conditions were absolutely super. My KTM was really in its element here with hillclimbs galore and gnarly single track that wouldn't quit. The big bore KTMs with auto clutches are an unfair advantage; its almost like cheating. What a blast!! We got rained out on Sunday but rode on Friday, Saturday and Monday. Saturday was the long ride over to Burro Schmidt Mine and then to Randsburg. Many of the "fair weather" riders were congregated in Randsburg, as there were literally 100s of off-roaders congesting this small town.

Saturday evening most of the group went in to Ridgecrest for a nice dinner at Sizzle's. Sunday night, Glenda prepared a wonderful spaghetti feed with lots of help from Vicki. The boys got into a very enjoyable, lively, prolonged discussion on a variety of esoteric topics, which Glenda and Vicki humorously characterized as a "bunch of hot air".

It is unfortunate that Spangler Hills is so far from Sacramento as IMO ("in my opinion") this is our premiere riding area bar none. Next time you have the opportunity, I urge you to go to Spangler Hills. There were only four riders from TBSA. Again, the riding is supreme, the scenery is spectacular and there is so much variety in the terrain available for riding. There are abundant trails and hills that will challenge all riders. Not to get carried away, but this area is also an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate riders

Photographs from the "Yuma Chapter":

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