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Taken from the December 2004 Newsletter

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Photos from the Thanksgiving Outing at California City:

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Season's greetings. The price of fuel notwithstanding, this trip was well worth it! If you like the desert, this is THE place. TBSA was well, although sparsely, represented with five riders including two quads. Chas spent Thanksgiving Day with family members in Sacramento. His daughter Jennifer prepared the meal and had Thanksgiving festivities at her house this year. After spending the whole day with relatives in Sacramento and after a SINGLE helping of food so he wouldn't get groggy on his drive to California City, Chas left for California City that evening loaded down with copious quantities of his extra helpings of food (courtesy of Jennifer). He arrived at the campsite at about 2:30 Friday morning and parked next to what he thought was Keith and Vicki's trailer. The next "morning" he found himself among multitudes of friendly people, none of whom were TBSA members!! After coming to his senses and proceeding perhaps another 1/4 mile further, he finally found the appropriate camp spot.

We had three really super rides, especially the 99+ mile ride on Saturday. The weather was perfect for riding ... low 60's with minimal dust. Friday morning all five riders started out, the quads separating about halfway through the ride with a large dry lake bed in the distance as their destination, and the bikers continuing on into miles and miles of largely unridden, wondrous single track trails in the Red Mountain area. The Friday ride was cut short after Keith's recently reworked KTM shock decided to come apart out in the boonies (twenty miles from camp). A temporary trail-side repair allowed the bike to limp back to camp. We made up for this shortened ride the next day (Saturday) with one of the best rides we have ever experienced, with Keith at the helm. Chas was in seventh heaven. On Sunday Keith and Chas put on 86 miles in a quest for new trails.

What with all the food that Chas and everybody else brought, we ended up having semi potlucks on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night in Keith and Vicki's trailer and Saturday night in Robin and Glenda's trailer along with Robin's mom. A wonderful time was had by all. Chas thanks especially Vicki and Glenda for warming up his potluck entrees and for their hospitality.

P.S. TBSA really should take advantage of this area while it is still available. There is constant pressure to close off more and more of this region from OHV use.

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