Taken from the September 2004 Newsletter


The  Labor Day Outing at Sweetwater Summit:   by Vicki Hepler

Of course, I can’t report on any of the many great rides at the Labor Day outing, but I can say that we had 21 RV’s (and two day riders on Sunday) in attendance. Many thanks to Ron Cottrell and Paul Boettin for doing the shopping and cooking for the tri-tip steak dinner on Saturday night and sausage-and-pancake breakfast Sunday morning. We also appreciated the beer and sodas brought by Bill and Kristin Thomas. We welcomed back Scott and Julie Wolsey (and their adorable little girls), and were happy to see new members Jay and Patti Keating, and Lyall and Juana Fisher. Although Keith suffered a cracked rib and we had to go straight home, we’re sure the other six rigs heading south to the Kern Plateau area had a great ride, led by Big Foot Bob Hampton.

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