Taken from the June 2004 Newsletter


This outing was very successful for most of the attending TBSA membership. TBSA did well towards the support of the local economy of this quaint community. Many of us enjoyed the local ambiance, dining, Memorial Day Parade, night life, sights, etc. of historical Virginia City. Some of us were a little more confined to camp, burdoned with such things as babysitting duties among other things. There were a total of 12 rigs along with several day riders. We camped one block downhill from our traditional camp spot. A new motel is in the planning stages to be built on our long-standing campsite.

There were at least three casualties that occurred during this outing: Le's cracked ribs, Rose's badly sprained (actually broken) ankle, and Bob Smith's dented KTM exhaust head pipe.

Chas led two spirited rides on Friday and Sunday, which included riding through Dayton and through Eldorado, Illinois and Sullivan Canyons, Sunrise Pass Road, Minden poleline, plus lots of single-track trails in the Pine Nut region. Friday's ride was close to 70 miles and Sunday's ride was 72 miles. Ron Columbo led rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the "kids". Ron said that he would take us on an easy loop on Saturday. Most of us were huffing and puffing at the top of a particularly nasty, rocky, uphill, "easy" trail where Le's ribs became a little too intimate with a large rock. The rock/rib contact unfortunately occurred in between the front and back protective portions of his chest protector. Lucky to have Bob Hampton's VW dune buggy in camp, which in this situation proved to be a suitable substitute for an OHV ambulance.

The weather was delightful with just enough wind to fairly quickly blow the trail dust away. On Thursday and Friday, especially during late afternoon and evening, the wind simply roared through camp. The RV's without jacks were truly rocking and rolling.

For the most part, the trail riders certainly enjoyed some super, challenging riding at this outing. Many thanks to Rose and Linda for babysitting Penny, and special thanks to Bert, Linda, Rose and Perveen for snacks and desserts. Hope for speedy recoveries for Rose and Le.



About four or five years ago, Bob Smith climbed a steep rocky hill in Virginia City - not too far from camp. He became short of breath and had chest pains. This year, Le Wallin climbed the same hill, crashed near the top and when Bob S. came back to look for him, Le was afraid he was having heart problems. Bob S. gave him a nitro, but forgot to ask him if he had any Viagra in his system! Bob H. went back to camp to get his bug to get Le back to his motorhome.

About that same time, Rose and Perveen were walking back from town - Rose stepped on some rocks and slipped. She fell forward and couldn’t get up. Bob H. turned his little bug around to bring Rose back to her motorhome.

It was decided that Bob H. would take Le to Carson City Hospital, where they found two cracked ribs but thankfully no heart problems.

Rose, on the other hand, ended up laying around in her motorhome with her leg propped up. She couldn’t put pressure on her foot and her ankle was swollen. Plus, she had a big bruise on her forehead.

Bob S. had been talking to a local jeweler/antique dealer in town - told him about Le’s dilemma, and then I walked in later looking for used crutches for Rose. The jeweler wanted to know why we were so accident prone. Do you suppose it’s our age?

As of this writing, Le is still feeling much discomfort and Rose, having gone to Kaiser when she got home, found that she has a broken ankle bone. She is now using a wheelchair and walker with a cast on her ankle.

Aside from all the injuries, the rest of us had a good time. The fellas say it was "good riding" and the gals say it was "good shopping"! Virginia City still has much appeal for us.


VIRGINIA CITY PHOTOS: submitted by Paul Boettin and Kristin Thomas

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