Excerpts from the January 2002 Newsletter


Le and ElaineWe want to express the Clubís collective congratulations to Le and Elaine Wallin on celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Here is a photograph of the happy couple toasted at recent festivities. We send our wishes that they will enjoy another 50 years together (it could happen!) and remain sweethearts forever.

Memberís Contribution: "Noise" - by Wayne Brazelton

I really enjoy Leís monthly contribution to the newsletter. It is always good for a laugh, but I must say, I really perked up after I read the November issue when Le mentioned the attitude of the "Noise Cop". Why? Iím glad you asked.

You see, Iím 40 now, and I have become very sensitive to noise in my old age. Ya know, like when Iím sitting at a stop light and one of those V-twins pulls alongside and my windows rattle, canít hear the person next to you talk, and thatís just at an idle. Forget about how loud they are when the light turns green and the neighbors for a quarter mile canít hear the TV inside their own home. Geez! And I wonít even go into the whole ba-booming car-stereo thing. AHHH!!

Well, all that is very common now, and it doesnít appear that there are any noise cops out there fighting that war in the cities where thousands of people are affected by that racket. But apparently, up in the mountains, miles and miles from where anyone lives, there is enough concern that our tax dollars are going to fund the war against noise here. Thatís what bugs me!

As for the war "the Preacher" is waging, according to Leís article, it sounds like he is real proud of the fact that our money funded his fancy gadgets. What I didnít see he mentioned are the "behind the scenes" concerns about noise (or at least measuring it). As I understand it, for the report to stand up in court, it must be documented that the monitoring equipment is calibrated before each test, and that the calibration equipment itself must also be calibrated annually by a certified lab. I guess the Preacher just forgot to mention that. Well, weíll be sure to ask him for these little bits of information in the company of the judge if one of us gets a citation.

Yup, I suppose sooner or later they might make those of us with loud bikes make some changes to quiet them. But I donít intend to make it easy on them, at least not until they focus on the problem at home, and not where we have loaded up and driven for many miles to go to where nobody is. In the mean time, I will do a bit more research into the regulations so those folks eager to write citations will have to follow the correct procedures to do so. Also, I will try to bring a sound level meter to the rides so you can find out how many decibels your favorite toy produces.

I hear the Preacher no longer works out of Georgetown. Maybe thatís good, though I sure would have liked to see what he could do when some fool like me told him where to preach! Get a real job, Bozo!

Be safe Ö Wayne Brazelton

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