Excerpts from the November 2001 Newsletter

Georgetown in the fall - by Le Wallin

Who would guess that the woods would be as dry as an old bone at the end of October. Well, there was no shortage of dust; everyone had their share. We were wondering what the turnout would be like. Want to try 26 rigs? Turned out that both active chapters of TBSA were in the woods, same time, same place. What a mob. Camp was so full that Bob Smith parked on top of the fire pit and he got there on Friday.

On Friday we were out on a ride when the new OHV Manager for the Georgetown Ranger District. Showed up in camp and began to question some of the ladies as to our whereabouts as he had received reports of off-road motorcycles on Wentworth Springs Road. Now is there any chance that a person in camp knows where the ride is? Half the people on the ride don't know where they are. Well, the OHV Manager made a name for himself in one weekend, even got himself a nickname, picked up the moniker of "Mad Dog England" although some wanted the nickname of "Preacher." Both fit. Somehow he managed to get himself bitten by a dog in camp. On Saturday he gave us a 30-minute talking-to from the back of a pickup. So take your pick, "Mad Dog" or "Preacher."

He had a neat little box with a sound meter on it, cost $1,000.00 of green sticker money, that's a hundred green or red sticker bikes for a year of license, said there were thirty of them throughout the state. Wow, that's 3,000 bikes' worth of license money; see where your sticker money goes. Then he proceeded to make it very clear that if you get a ticket for too loud a bike, you don't have a chance in court cause he has the machine and we paid for it. How to make friends and influence people, must have taken a course in it somewhere. Well, we did get a courtesy sound check out of the deal. New Suzuki DR400ES read 90 on the decibel chart. That's so quiet I can ride and sing and still not get a ticket. Well, enough about Bill England alias "Mad Dog" or "Preacher."

Saturday's ride was a bit over 40 miles and took us on some of the more challenging trails in Georgetown. I saved the really tough stuff for Sunday but no one showed up so Big Foot and I went south and checked out some trails and two-track in the Slate Mountain area. Someday we will put together a good ride in that area. The last of us left on Monday morning and we all lived happily ever after.

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