Excerpts from the March 2001 Newsletter

The Last Message from the Fourth Dimension - by Le Wallin

One by one my riding buddies slipped away. Lured to the cold, wet, clammy north country of rolling blackouts and outrageous gas prices. It was as if the "Siren" of high cost energy was inexorably reeling them into her frosty bosom. All that was left of TBSA South were Ralph and me. The two of us patrolled the desert checking out shot up tanks and antiaircraft vehicles (twin 40mm guns) on track layer chassis, water holes 30 miles apart and a golf cart with tall wheels and three teenage giggling girls (you just never know what you will find in the desert). On one day we put on 151 miles running south of I- 8 about 40 miles, east about 20 miles, north over I 8 @ Tackna and then (unbeknownst to us) into the Army proving ground north of I -8. I don't know what I'm going to do with Ralph; he would not stop long enough to get a compass reading and I was sure we were on our way to Phoenix.

Ralph's riding days were brought to a stop (our last ride) when he got off his bike, pitched over onto a sharp-edged rock and broke two ribs. He rode the last twenty miles home with a rather grim look on his face. While Ralph was at the doctors he decided to kill two birds with one stone and asked for a Viagra prescription. The Doc refused, which really bothered him and he demanded to know why!!! The Doc looked at him awhile and then said, "It would be like putting a new flag pole, on a condemned building." He can't chase me for a few more weeks and by then I hope he will forget that last story. Was that truth or fiction!! Only the shadow knows.

As I write this page I am camping just off the Agua Caliente Road about 40 miles west of Phoenix and 8 miles south of I -10. Tomorrow Elaine and I will be hooking up with some old friends and we will spend about 10 days riding the desert and mountains north of Gila Bend and south of I -10. I will probably be taken to Phoenix at least once to see if some culture can be rubbed off on me. Don't laugh, it could happen. See you all in March.

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