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Sweetwater Summit, Nevada

Elevation: 7,120 feet

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Carson Ranger District, 775-882-2766

Facilities: None

Distance from 
US-50 & I-5: 
Route Miles Estimated Travel Time
Hwy 89 (MapBlast) 177.7 3 hours 32 minutes
Kingsbury Grade (Route #1) 174.7 3 hours 40 minutes
Iron Mountain Road (Route #2) 177.0 3 hours 56 minutes


Camp site is approximately four hours from Sacramento. There are three four different approaches to Highway 395. The club is split about evenly over which is best.

#1 - Take Highway 50 past South Shore Lake Tahoe to Stateline. Turn right at Kingsbury Grade Road. Proceed over summit. Make sure your brakes are in good condition as road is very steep. Stop sign at bottom of hill is Foothill Rd. (Route 206). Go straight across and then 3.3 miles on Mottsville Lane to intersection with Highway 88. Continue east 2.2 miles on Waterloo Lane (at "T" it turns right and shortly thereafter turns left, going east again). Turn left on Centerville Lane, then right onto Waterloo Lane, and then right onto Highway 395. (go to * below)

#2 - Take Highway 50 to Sly Park turn-off at Pollock Pines. Make a right and follow Sly Park Road to Iron Mountain Road. This is a "Y" intersection that is not marked but follows the lake shore across two rock-filled dams. Iron Mountain Road dead-ends at Highway 88. Turn left and continue to Highway 395, or better yet, make the turn onto Waterloo Lane mentioned in #1. It saves about 15 minutes. (go to * below)

#3 - Take Highway 50 to Meyers and turn right onto Highway 89 south, then left on Highway 88 and continue east, then north into Gardnerville; straight through intersection with Centerville Lane; turn right onto Waterloo Lane. Continue east 2.2 miles on Waterloo Lane (at "T" it turns right and shortly thereafter turns left, going east again). Turn left on Centerville Lane, then right onto Waterloo Lane, and then right onto Highway 395. (go to * below)

* At this point, you should be on Highway 395 outside Gardnerville headed south towards Topaz Lake. Proceed approximately 18 miles to the Yerington-Wellington turn-off (just past Holbrook Station) and make a left onto Highway 208. Proceed 11 miles into Wellington. Take Sweetwater-Bridgeport turn-off (aka Wellington Cut-off) and go 3.3 miles to Highway 338. Turn right and go approximately 14 miles. You will pass Risue Canyon Road to your right. Continue 1 to 2 miles and make a left turn off Highway 338 near the Sweetwater Summit signpost. Camp is about 1/2 mile from the highway. TBSA signs will be posted.

#4 - HERE ARE (more specific) DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS FROM BILL THOMAS -     "Directions to Sweetwater: The shortest, fastest route:"

Take Hwy 50 to South Lake Tahoe. When in South Lake Tahoe, take the Pioneer Trail shortcut back to Hwy 50 near the casinos. Pioneer Trail is faster than Hwy 50. From Hwy 50 east about 1/2 mile after the casinos, turn right on Kingsbury Grade, Hwy 207. Once you have reached the four-way stop sign at the valley floor, turn right on Foothill Rd, Hwy 206. Proceed south on 206 for one mile, then turn left on Centerville Lane which is the first left turn after leaving 207. Continue on Centerville Lane crossing Hwy 88. Once across Hwy 88, make the first left and follow this road all the way around to Hwy 395. You will go around a few corners and through a few more stop signs (it change its name to Dressler, then to Riverview Drive). Hwy 395 will come up right after the golf course (at the corner with the 7-11 store). Turn right on Hwy 395 and follow it about 15.5 miles south to Holbrook Junction. Turn left at Holbrook Junction on Hwy 208 east. Continue on Hwy 208 to Wellington, NV.

Once in Wellington, continue straight, south, on the Wellington Cut-off to Hwy 338. Do NOT veer left and continue on 208 in Wellington. Continue on the Wellington Cut-off for several miles until it ends at Hwy 338 and turn right. Proceed further south on Hwy 338 over some 20 miles to Sweetwater Summit.  On 338, you will drive through a short narrow canyon before it opens up into a larger, wide valley. Sweetwater summit is located at the highest point in this wide valley with very tall surrounding mountains, so don’t let the term summit fool you. If you pass a sign that says Long Doctor Spring or Sweetwater Ranch, you have gone too far.  Tturn left off the road just before the green "Sweetwater Summit" sign (oon the right side of the road) and watch for TBSA signs. The camp will be on the left side of the road, so look for our trailers and motorhomes.                  Turn left just before THIS landmark:

Sweetwater-turn-off.JPG (169293 bytes)

It is all nicely paved except the last approximately two blocks after turning off of Hwy. 338 to where the RV's will be parked.   Hopefully the TBSA sign will be placed at the turn-off from Hwy. 338.  After you turn off the highway, there is a slight fork in the dirt road - take the RIGHT fork to drive into the center of the flat open area where the RV's park (if you take the left fork, you'll end up in the trees east of the open area and may not be able to turn around.) 

Nearest hospital:  Carson Valley Medical Center
1107 US Highway 395 S
Gardnerville, NV  89410-7030
(775) 782-1500

24 hour emergency room

47 miles (about 45 minutes) from Sweetwater Summit to Carson Valley Med Center
Go northwest on NV-338 for 16.8 miles.
Turn left on Wellington Cutoff and go northwest for 3.1 miles.
Continue on NV-208 and go west for 11.1 miles.
Turn right on US-395 and go north for about 16 miles.
Go past the Riverview Drive/Dresslerville Road signal light (7-11 is on the left).
The hospital is a two-story gray building on the right.

Here's a map of the last section of the route - -

sweetwater-route.JPG (48386 bytes)

Here's a photo of the open area from the neighboring hilltop (Hwy. 338 is off to the left (west)) - -

sweetwater-vicki.JPG (185093 bytes)