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Spangler Hills OHV - Stevens Mine Road

Take Highway 99 into Bakersfield; then Highway 58 east through Tehachapi and towards Mojave for 55 miles. Take Exit 167 (says "Bishop, Mojave") onto Highway 14 and go north towards Bishop for 15 miles. A little over a mile past Jawbone Canyon, turn right onto Redrock- Randsburg Road and go east 12 miles; when you get to a "y", turn left onto Garlock Road (instead of right to go into Randsburg) and go another 8.3 miles to Highway 395. Turn left onto 395 and go north for 3.1 miles, then turn right onto Searles Station Cut-off (sign reads, "Trona 28 miles"). Do not turn off to go to our old campsite, but proceed northeast for 6.25 miles and turn hard right onto south-bound Trona Road for another 1.4 miles. Then turn left onto Stevens Mine Road (if you cross the tracks, you missed it); go northeast for about one to two miles, searching on the right side of the road for Larry Mason's Rexhall motorhome.

stevens-mine-rd.JPG (67872 bytes)